Hacks To Earn Maximum Credit Rewards In The Festive Season

A credit card can now be used for regular shopping, electricity bill payment, recharges and more. Speaking along those lines, since the festive season is upon us, it is time to go shopping and buy gifts for your loved ones. However, it’s important to not only gift your loved ones but also yourself with exciting rewards!

Do you know that your credit card can help save a lot of money during the festive season shopping? Yes, you read it right!

Your credit card is the key to getting blockbuster deals and offers. But how do you earn these rewards? Let us find out.

Credit Card Hacks to Earn Maximum Rewards

  • Research what brands your existing card provider has partnered with

Before you proceed to the mall or the online shopping app, take a pause and check the rewards that your credit card company is providing. Credit card companies often partner up with other brands to come up with additional discounts for cardholders. The best part is that these discounts are usually over and above the discount already offered by the brand. It is almost as if you are receiving special treatment from the brand for using your credit card to make the payment. In fact, you earn such deals and discount by making other payments including electricity and gas bill payment online

  •  Make purchases at the start of your credit cycle.

Instead of buying things recklessly, try to plan your purchases. It is wise to do the majority of the shopping during the start of the cycle; It will take around a month to settle the outstanding balance. Also, buying things in bulk will help you get more discounts. 

  •  Use reward points

Check the reward point section on your credit card. If you have accumulated a lot of these points over the past few months by using your card for regular shopping or electricity bill payment, the festive season is the best time to use them. These reward points will help you get additional discounts on shopping with various brands. Since the brands will already have a festive discount on the purchases, the reward will help you get additional discounts. Sweet, isn’t it?

  • Avail no-cost EMIs on credit card purchases.

No-cost EMI or zero-interest EMI is a popular repayment facility that allows you to pay for your purchase in interest-free installments. If you are making a big purchase and the brand has a no-cost EMI option, go ahead and avail it. 

  • Use credit cards offering the maximum reward.

If you are thinking of getting a new credit card, sit back and spend some time researching the type of rewards given by each provider. The reward system may differ from company to company. This is why you need to go with the one that suits your lifestyle the best. Suppose you are into traveling; in that case, select a credit card that offers maximum travel-related rewards and discounts. Going for the wrong credit card will get you a reward that you won’t even use. If you want to use your credit to make almost every online payment, look for companies whose cards also can be used in gas, mobile, and electricity bill pay app. The more reward points you would’ve accumulated by the festive season, the more rewards you’ll be able to redeem. 

The Bottom Line:

The festive season is all about having a good time with your loved ones. Do not let the stress of shopping ruin it for you. Use the tips and tricks mentioned here to get excellent discounts on brands with your credit card.