App store optimization or ASO companies

Building, measuring and adjusting an app listing for the app stores is called app store optimization or ASO. In this article we are going to introduce ASO for beginners, why ASO is important, the main topics and key considerations for an optimized mobile app.

Why ASO is important:

App store search continues to be the largest channel for mobile app discovery and mobile app installs. Despite Super Bowl spots, promotions in your Facebook feed or ads in other apps, mobile users respond that app store search is the channel used most often to find new apps. Without an optimized app listing, you risk losing out on users searching for your app simply because they don’t see it.

How to create an app listing:
To access organic app store traffic,  identifying keywords and phrases is critical for discovery alone. With the limited space allotted to the app listing elements, keywords and phrases must be:

* relevant to your target audience

* relevant to your app

* used by your audience when searching the app stores

* work together to create broad coverage of a specific target.

In a sentence: because space is limited, we need to identify keywords and phrases that our target audience uses to find apps like ours, that provides coverage of all ultra-relevant searches. With limited space in Apple’s keywords field, using precious characters for “free, fun, fast, social, new” etc… unless these modifiers support a more specific, ultra-relevant phrase just doesn’t make sense. Instead, focus on the features of your app that are either essential, differentiating or both. Competitive market research, focus groups, app store intelligence software and  testing and adjusting should help you identify your best keyword targets.

Converting views into installs: A complete ASO service strategy should also consider conversion. The app name/title, keywords and descriptions all play a role, but conversion is largely affected by the icon, screenshots and ratings. Creative elements should be tested with a focus group, polling or other means before being published as the difference between icon designs, screenshots designs, the order of the screenshots and even the features and calls to action on the screenshots have been shown to have a large impact on conversion rates. Ratings and reviews are more complicated in that all of the other elements of an app listing are within your control as the publisher except for ratings.

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