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You Make These Buying App Reviews Mistakes?

The only downside to WhatsApp is that when you lose your device or are out of storage and uninstall the app, you typically lose all your previous chats and data. I would have been great if WhatsApp paid app reviews had an option for optional storage space for sale, for folk to backup their communication and social media data.Thank you

I highly recommend WhatsApp specially if you live abroad due to its facility to keep in touch with your family for free. WhatsApp allows you to both text message or call anyone for free using only the internet. However, I’d like to leave here my suggestion to the creators to a new ideia; as you guys have created separate spaces for messages, calls and status, you could not create a new one for groups. Also, PLEASE LET THE GROUPS ADMINISTRATORS DELETE OTHER PEOPLE’S MESSAGES!!!!!! Thanks a lot for your attention! Keep up with the good job guys!

I have to tell you I usually don’t leave reviews unless there is something outstanding about the app. Well this password manager is fully loaded for all your needs making it your first line of defense in losing or forgetting your passwords. I had a bit of trouble with transferring my data because I forgot my master password. I was using the fingerprint too often and forgot my password. Anyway the developer helped me and told me how to reset it in the proper way so I would not lose all those entries I made over the last 12 months. Their support is right up there with Apple bar none. If you are looking for a pw manager then look no further this will fit your needs. For me I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

It’s great I’m a song writer and I’m VERY shy when it comes to sharing it so this is a perfect way to keep my songs private and I love the warp to somewhere all I have to do is flick my I-pad and then BOOM I can act like I’m just looking for apps I love this app is soooooo great so yes you should get this app I know some people say it’s bad cause it boots them off but it never does that to me sooo maybe it’s just there devices but mine works GREAT so I highly recommend this app to everyone who is looking to keep all there writing private :3Hello my name is Ethan. I am 13 years old I was diagnosed with OCD at 11 years old Ever since my OCD got better I started looking for apps for journaling I downloaded the free version of this app.I just wanted to test it out.I used the free mode for 2 buy ios ranking This is my third day using this app. And then I decided to get the

$.99 And ever since I just love it I can’t explain to you how much I love it I was so happy when I found out I could get all the features!!!Thank you so much for this app!!! This has helped me improve.